Creating Meaningful Employment through Quality Education

The Wolwedans Desert Academy prides itself on being able to provide young Namibians with meaningful employment opportunities that come from highly respected vocational training qualifications in the tourism industry. With tourism being one of the major income generating sectors of the Namibian economy, its imperative that the industry be supplied with a well trained and skilled workforce to uphold standards, provide necessary training and position the country as a high quality tourism brand, benchmarked against international industry standards. As we strive to provide our graduates with all the tools necessary to enter the job market - we are proud of those who rise above the crowd and achive, beyond all expectations. These success stories are by no means the only ones - however, they do show how the program brings individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and provides them with hope, opportunities and employment.

Ms. Jennifer Mathews – Swakopmund, Namibia

Jennifer graduated with flying colors and gained employment as a facilitator at the Windhoek based NICE restaurant. Very soon after her appointment, she was offered employment at a prestigious Abu Dabi hotel, where she is currently employed by the Hilton International Group of hotels.

Ms. Vissla Kerms – Rehoboth, Namibia

Vissla completed her Commercial Cookery Level 3 and has secured employment as a school facilitator also working for the commercial entity, The Wolwedans Collection.

Ms. Mamitjie Shaduka – Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Mamitjie, who attended the Wolwedans Desert Academy, graduated with flying colors and was immediately offered a permanent position as a school facilitator in Food & Beverage Services. She started working at the lodges and camps of the Wolwedans Collection before her graduation, gaining insight into real time operations of the hospitality establishment.