Accommodation at the Village

Creating a living classroom required significant investment into the appropriate structures and facilities necessary for an optimal learning and training experience.

With this in mind, we developed infrastructure that can house 24 trainees. A proper school complex  (comprising a classroom, training kitchen/restaurant, library,  computer room and student accommodation) is perhaps the pride of the Desert Academy with ongoing improvements and expansion. Once both capacity building projects are complete (2019/2020), the programme will be able to accommodate 32 trainees at Wolwedans.

Our programme provides world class accommodation facilities for trainees. This is shared accommodation and is as secure as possible. Trainees enjoy campus life at Wolwedans, with green areas and common areas for the trainees to excersise, read, revise and relax.

Trainees are required to acquaint themselves with and adhere to the Wolwedans values called ' The Wolwedans Way'. This is our value system adopted by all Wolwedans staff and guides the way we work, behave, treat and engage with our fellow trainees and facilitators. It is expected of all trainees to respect the way we do things and adopt these values for themselves. Not only does this benefit them in the long-term but also instills and guides good behaviour and work ethic which is crucial for future work endeavours.