Level 3 National Vocational Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism: Food and Beverage Operations (Q0010)

Trainees who have passed their Level 1 & 2 assessments and demonstrate the level of resolve, competence and commitment shall be eligible to move onto the Level 3 programme. 

The Desert Academy forms a very safe and conducive environment for 1st year trainees and they benefit from on-site shared accommodation, meals and transport to and from Wolwedans. This allows for trainees to remain focused and fully committed to their education during their period of training at the Desert Academy. 

The Level 3 program is an 18 month duration course and places the trainees in a much higher category of responsibility. Trainees are integrated more into the operations of the Wolwedans Collection and get to practice their theoretical studies in real life with actual guests. The trainees are supervised by facilitators and lodge management to interact with guests, engage in the upkeep of the lodges rooms, through housekeeping - prepare and serve food as well as explore operations through the eyes of the guests on educationals designed for them to see what it is like from the perspective of the 'buyer' or guest.

Unit Standards - Level 3