Level 3 Crop & Horticulture Production (Q0854)

Commencing 2022

Wolwedans Desert Academy seeks to expand its training scope by adding “Horticulture and Crop Husbandry” to its training offering. We plan to commence with a pilot training cycle mid 2021, seedfunded by ConTine. Please note that Wolwedans Desert Academy is not yet accredited with the NQA/NTA for Horticulture and endeavours to be accredited within the next 12 months. This should not stop us from starting. The time is now, to get going with this highly relevant training in times of the COVID Pandemic.

The basis is an eleven- month “NTA Level 2 - Horticulture and Crop Husbandry” (Q0857). Upon successful completion you continue with your 18-month NTA Level 3 programme in “Crop and Horticulture Production” (Q0854). “Animal Husbandry” will be offered as an elective subject both in Level 2 and 3.

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Course Structure - Level 3