Life in the Heart of the NamibRand Nature Reserve

Living at Wolwedans is a unique and memorable experience. Some have even called it life-changing. 

In an environment that is so close to nature there are a myriad of health and lifestyle benefits. Although we promote an digitally detoxing village-life - staff and trainees have access to a TV room - where they can also choose to enjoy movie nights, arranged by the culture committee. Socialising with colleagues and fellow trainees is encouraged and there are plenty of activities to keep one busy throughout the year. The trainees accommodation is situated at the Wolwedans Village which in itself is quite a unique place to live. because of its remote location water, waste and energy are a priority for all team members and trainees. There is no wastage and every opportunity is taken to re-purpose, re-use and recycle. 

WATER: Wolwedans has two solar boreholes and one diesel borehole, situated in the arrival area of the Wolwedans Village. The water table is 132 metres below the surface.

Water needs to be pumped on a daily basis to all the lodges as well as to the base village. The camps use 80,000 litres per day which is divided acrossthe entire operation, as well as the waterholes for wildlife. The used water at Wolwedans is fed to the grey water system where it is filtered and used to water the plants at Wolwedans.

WASTE: The waste generated at Wolwedans is divided into two waste groups (organic and non-organic waste) which is collected at the staff base camp for pre-sorting into groups. Non-organic waste is transported to a recycling centre in Windhoek and the organic waste is provided as feed to the pigs.

ENERGY: Wolwedans is not connected to the national power grid, as the distance to the nearest line is more than 100 kilometres away. The majority of electricity is generated by solar and backed up by generators. The installation of the solar system at the staff village cost more than NAD 5 million (USD 42,881) in 2014.

ORGANIC GARDEN: Wolwedans also has a Namibian Organic Association (NAO) certified organic garden that allows the carbon footprint to be reduced Staff and trainees (as well as guests of Wolwedans) have fresh organic salads that is less than 10 hours old.

THE NAMIBRAND NATURE RESERVE: The NamibRand Nature Reserve, where Wolwedans is located, is one of southern Africa’s largest not-for-profit private nature reserves and acts as a role model for biodiversity conservation balanced with financial sustainability. Its got to be the best place to receive an education, while you learn invaluable life skills that show you how to protect, sustain and love the environment.