Please Note: 2021 Tuition Fees Available Soon

2019 Tuition Fees

The Wolwedans Desert Academy's tuition fees represent 40% (during Level 2) and 50% (during Level 3), of the actual training cost. The remaining costs are carried by its partners, The Wolwedans Foundation and The Namibian Training Authority (NTA).  The fees presented below reflect the portion payable by the trainee.

2019 LEVEL 2:  The 21 | NICE 2019 Fees for the 12 month Level 2 programme are NAD 3589 per trainee per month.

2019 LEVEL 3:  The 21 | NICE 2019 Fees for the 18 month Level 3 programme are NAD 4431 per trainee per month.  


The fees are all inclusive to include:

- A full Wolwedans Desert Academy uniform (winter, summer and specialist)

- Lectures & training materials

- Shared board and lodging

- Travelling costs to/from Wolwedans (5 return trips)

- Food & Beverage training (manuals and consumables)

- Commercial Cookery training (manuals & consumables)

- Extra mural activities (sport / choir / art / handicraft / drumming circle)

- Assessment Fees

For a detailed breakdown of the fee structures for both Level 2 and 3, and to view related exclusions, please click on the links below:

View the Level 2 Fee Structure: Click HERE

View the Level 3 Fee Structure: Click HERE


Financial Assistance

Trainees who require financial assistance are encouraged to apply in writing to the Wolwedans Foundation and elaborate on their financial circumstances to motivate for financial assistance.

The Foundation is prepared to assess each individual case in order to see what financial assistance is suitable for the specific applicant. Please note that financial assistance isnt guaranteed. Our applicants for financial assistance fall into 2 categories:

Category 1 (Full Funding): For applicants whose parent/guardian is unable to pay any of the indicated fees, we endeavour to match these applicants with suitable donors in the form of a bursary that can subsidise their portion of the fees. 

Category 2 (Part Funding): Those candidates able to pay a portion of the fees, are encouraged to apply to The Wolwedans Education Assistance Fund in order to make up the shortfall.

Candidates who fall into these categories are encouraged to download our application form and submit the necessary financial documents to support their application. Please read more about our Wolwedans Education Assistance Fund by clicking HERE.


External Financial Assistance

There are a host of external funding bodies in Namibia. Please click on their website links below, acquaint yourself with their offerings and follow their process guidelines to pursue their funding schemes, bursaries or financial assistance programmes in accordance with their application submission dates and procedures:

Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund   |   Tel: +264 61 420 600

Old Mutual & NedNamibia Education Trust . 

The Social Security Commission of Namibia   |   Tel: +264 61 280 7999