Invest in the Future & Support a Trainees Education

Every training institution, whether private or public, needs a healthy budget to run properly. Unit training costs per trainee are determind by the total cost of running the VTC at full capacity, divided by the number of trainees that can be accommodated.

Apart from providing a conducive nature based training environment in the desert, with adequate board and lodging facilities, Wolwedans places clear focus on quality over quantity. This explains our pass rates consistently topping 90%, putting Desert Academy in the top tier of training providers in Namibia. Quality has its price though.

The fees for a Wolwedans Level 2 & 3 qualification (which may fluctuate annually) are determined as follows:

Total training budget/cost (100%) minus NTA and Wolwedans Foundation commitment (which is up to 45-50% of cost), equals the necesarry fee. For the while, some 50 - 55% of cost needs to be funded through school fees; paid either in full, or in part (when supplemented by the Wolwedans Education Assistance Fund).

Regarding fees, three fundamentals need to be considered;

- The school needs a full fee income from every trainee in order to fulfill its mandate and deliver on its promises,

- Young and talented Namibians should not be deprived a quality education, and

- Namibia (and the growing tourism sector in particular) urgently needs well-trained newcomers.


When it comes to fees, three scenarios emerge:

- Some parents/guardians, sponsors (providing a grant) or companies (giving a bursary) are able to pay the full fee.

- Some parents/guardians can realistically pay a portion of the tuition fee (say up to 50%), but not the entire fee - a likely scenario. The difference is either supplemented/funded by ‘somebody’ or the candidate can’t enroll.

- Some school leavers show greatest potential to enroll (aptitude/attitude/ personality/passion) but have no means due to their socio-economic pre-disposition (i.e. marginalized persons, poverty stricken communities, orphans, etc.).


It is the latter two categories where the Wolwedans Education Assistance Fund comes into play, potentially making a significant difference in the life of many young Namibians.

If a potential trainee successfully meets all the criteria pertaining to the standard enrollment assessment process, and if their parents/guardians can pay, or a grant/bursary can be secured, the path is paved.

If you feel inspired and motivated to support the future of a young Namibian, there are different ways to “put shoulder to the wheel”:

A once-off donation into the Wolwedans Education Assistant Fund. This mainly applies to Wolwedans visitors who experience “The Living Classroom” first hand during their stay with us and want to give a monetray “thumbs up”

A long-term commitment to the Wolwedans Education Assistance Fund, ideally in the form of a monthly debit order.

Options 1 & 2 are not linked to a specific individual but rather go into the earmarked fund, for use where needed at the discretion of the Wolwedans Foundation. There will be newsletters keeping you updated on progress, and an acknowledgement from the Desert Academy.

In case you wish to sponsor an individual trainee, because for instance a) he/she is a child of an employee showing talent, b) you know a suitable school leaver without means, c) you want to do good and give back as a company (CSR), or d) it’s your job to spend your institutions funds in a meaningful way two additional options present themselves:

Sponsoring an individual trainee in full (100% of fees), either in the form of a loan or grant

Providing a bursary (100% of school fees) to an individual trainee, likely from your community, and binding such a trainee to your hospitality business for a number of years under a bursary agreement (for which we can provide a standard template).

Here is an opportunity for you or your company to make a tangible difference to the socio-economic landscape of Namibia by investing in high quality, high gains vocational training offered by the Wolwedans Foundation and its VTC’s.

Your support will be appreciated and go a long way.

There hasn’t been a better time to take a stand and ‘put shoulder to the wheel’.