The Social Security Commission of Namibia (SSC)

Since 2016 The Wolwedans Foundation has had the great privilege of calling the Social Security Commission of Namibia a dedicated partner in our efforts to bring socio-economic benefit to the lives of almost 50 young Namibians through vocational training at our Wolwedans Desert Academy.

It is clear that we share the vision of improving the livelihoods of our future generations by stimulating the education standard and raising the bar to create a genuine difference, not just to the trainees, but to their immediate communities as well. We are very proud to have sustained this contribution with the support of the SSC for so many years. 

The Social Security Commission has a mandate and mission to support training and development through bursaries and fuinding schemes. 

Contact: The Social Security Commission (of Namibia)

C/O A. Kloppers & J. Haupt Street - Khomasdal   |   Private Bag 13223   |   Windhoek   |