Capital Expenditure & Infrastructure Support

Wolwedans guests who experience “The Living Classroom” first hand and want to give the project a spontaneous thumbs-up can consider the following infrastructural support options:

- Long-term contribution to the Wolwedans Trainee Assistant Fund by monthly debit order

- Donate for specific projects (incl. infrastructure) or project items to be procured

- Project specific grants


Support in Kind (Services & Expertise)

- Guest lecturing (skills & knowledge transfer)

- Consulting services (across all disciplines)

- Management services (for specific projects)

- Audio/visual expertise (i.e. editing videos)

- Printing services (folders/posters/materials etc.)


Tools and Equipment

- Furniture (training facilities & student housing)

- Kitchen equipment (stoves, fridges, freezers & dish-washers incl. small kitchen utensils)

- IT equipment (computers, internet services, servers, printers etc.)

- Presentation equipment (beamers, screens,  flipcharts, flat-screens TV’s)

- Stationary

- Student uniforms



- Transport services (trainees and goods)

- Sponsorship of relevant training outings

- Food and general supplies for training kitchens

- Supplier discounts for all items procured

- Housekeeping equipment and cleaning materials


In addition to all of the above, which combined, will make a significant difference, you could make an even bigger impact and leave a lasting legacy.


Interest free loans  (Infrastructure)

With the aim of expanding the programme and its offering (i.e. Facility Maintenance, Horticulture, Desert Field Guiding etc.), infrastructure development for the training program at Wolwedans is inevitable and requires significant financial resources. This is where “interest free loans” and impact investments can be a significant enabler.


Sponsor Benefits

As an individual, corporate and/or institutional sponsor, your name/logo and level of involvement will be showcased on our webpages and newsletters.

If you would like to get involved in a different way, then please contact our Wolwedans Foundation Education Assistance Fund office in Windhoek.

Tel: +264 61 230 616    |    E-mail:   |   Fax: +264 61 220 102