Keeping Trainees Upbeat & Active

Physical fitness and general wellbeing are a cornerstone for succesful learning and maintaining a positive outloook. At the Wolwedans Desert Academy, extra mural activities are compulsory and trainees are encouraged to participate in one or more of the activities available at The Village. From drumming, choir participation, cycling, yoga, gardening and physical training.

The Wolwedans Village is equipped with a small gym for workouts and weight lifting. Groups of avid hikers regularly take walks into the surrounding dunes and mountains and a daily hike into the dune-belt at dusk is a special and uplifting excersise. Led by senior team members and guides, trainees are also allowed to explore the Losberg mountain - which has pathways and routes mapped out over time.

E-bikes are also available at our Village for those who want to explore the plains at the foot of the Losberg mountain or the Chateau Plains at the foot of the towering dune belt to the south of the Village. The Wolwedans Choir and drumming circle are also a wonderful way for trainees to be involved in group cultural activities.

A very special annual event is held during winter at the Wolwedans Village to celebrate sport, culture and teamwork through a 3-day event, in which everyone at the Wolwedans Village particiaptes - including the Chairman of the Wolwedans Foundation. For more information click here.