Wolwedans Education Assistance Fund

Can you see yourself making a difference by donating the equivalent of one Cappuccino a day into the education of a young Namibian at Wolwedans Desert Academy?

We created the Wolwedans Education Assistance Fund (WEAF) in 2019 to facilitate training at the Desert Academy and provide funding continuity to lessen our VTC’s dependency on institutional donors, which come and go with fixed one to three year commitments.

In addition to the above, the WEAF is a ‘Supplementary Funding’ vehicle, topping up where shortages exist (i.e. where guardians are not able to pay the full school fee), thus making the WEAF an ‘Enabler’.  Enabling training (and a future) to less fortunate young Namibians who have the potential to make it but lack the financial means due to socio-economic constraints.

Base funding of our programme (50-60%) is provided by the Wolwedans Foundation as well as the NTA (Namibian Training Authority National Training Fund). Wolwedans pledges N$1.6 million towards education annually.

Ideally the WEAF can grow to have significant reserves of its own which enable it to bridge-fund the programmes in case of institutional funding lapses or constraints - ultimately, to stand on it’s own feet.