The Wolwedans Foundation ensures that all trainees enrolled in its courses at the Wolwedans Desert Academy are ‘work-ready’ by the time they complete their program. This is due to the strong focus on practical exposure in a real world working environment (the ‘living classroom’). This hands-on approach, and the guarantee of ongoing practical experience and exposure during the entire training cycle is what sets our program apart from other training institutions.


The Wolwedans Desert Academy offers a 10 month Level 2 National Vocational Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism (Accommodation Services, Food and Beverages Services Qualification) and an 18 month Level 3-National Vocational Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism, specialising in either Food & Beverage Operations or Commercial Cookery Skills Qualification. The Foundation seeks to include the Level 4 qualification in due course.


In addition to the Hospitality and Tourism offering, The Wolwedans Desert Academy is excited to introduce a new area of vocational training in Horticulture and Crop Husbandry. The basis is an eleven- month “NTA National Vocational Certificate in Horticulture and Crop Husbandry - Level 2” (Q0857) course. Upon successful completion you continue with your 18-month NTA  National Vocational Certificate programme in “Crop and Horticulture Production Level 3” (Q0854). “Animal Husbandry” will be offered as an elective subject both in Level 2 and 3, commencing in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Trainees who have passed their Level 2 assessments and demonstrate the level of resolve, competence and commitment shall be eligible to move onto the Level 3 programme. 

The classroom at Wolwedans is fitted with the latest equipment and infrastructure. See the course structure below:


Qualifications at The Wolwedans Desert Academy

Level 2 - Accommodation Services 

Level 3 - F&B Service

Level 3 - Commercial Cookery

Level 2 - Horticulture & Crop Husbandry

Level 3 - Crop & Horticulture Production