The Namibia Training Authority (NTA)

The Namibia Training Authority endeavours to ensure a sustainable skills delivery system under which quality vocational and technical skills are imparted to young Namibians through Vocational Education and Training programmes which meet the current and emerging needs of industries in our nation’s economy.

According to the NTA - Skilled labour has been identified as a major obstacle to business development and growth for small, medium and large establishments in Namibia, which currently faces a potential risk of being dominated in the global and regional economic environments as it currently faces a high unemployment rate.

This highlights the importance of the development and maintenance of an efficient VET regime to unlock a trained, skilled, efficient, and qualified workforce.

The NTA supports the Wolwedans Desert Academy’s contribution to skills development in Namibia. In accordance with its commitment to developing the people of Namibia through education and training – The Desert Academy has maintained a significantly high pass rate, and most importantly, an employment success rate that is perhaps the most relevant indicator of a partnership that generates results.