The Wolwedans Foundation Team

The Wolwedans Foundation team is divided into different areas of responsibility, listed below:

The Trustees (of the Wolwedans Foundation) oversee the governance of the institution. The Trustees convene bi-annually and discuss what outcomes are needed to achieve the Foundations goals and which milestones need to be met in the following year. The Trustees also head up the disciplinary council and handle all serious cases of misconduct.

The Management Committee works on a variety of aspects of the Education Support Programme. The Committee ensures that all rosters and timetables constructed are adhered to, the moderation of all internal assessments, the first point of discipline handling, trainee feedback evaluations, etc. The Committee does have a diverse portfolio and area of responsibility.

The Facilitators are the teaching personnel on the ground, ensuring the trainees get trained and taught what they need to know. We have full time facilitators at the Wolwedans Desert Academy, all very well experienced in the hospitality industry. The recruitment policy for the foundation states that we ill only consider industry professionals as facilitators, before we will consider a qualified teacher.

The Wolwedans Foundation Trust was established in June 2010 by NamibRand Safaris (Pty) Ltd. The aim of establishing the Wolwedans Foundation Trust by NamibRand Safaris was to have an entity through which it can handle its corporate social responsibility commitments. (“doing well by doing good”). The Wolwedans Foundation Trust is run by a Board of Trustees who oversees all project developments and administration.

The Wolwedans Foundation Trust has three core pillars on which it stands and operates, these being; Community, Conservation and Culture. These are the areas in which the Wolwedans Foundation would like to make a difference in Namibia. A definition breakdown of these pillars is:

Community: People matter. We want our team and Namibians as a whole to enjoy improved livelihoods and practice sustainable lifestyles.

Under the community banner Vocational education and training is currently the biggest commitment made by the Wolwedans Foundation so far. The Foundation oversees the governance of The Wolwedans Desert Academy and one other city based vocational training centre (NICE).

Conservation: A functioning, healthy and productive pro-Namib ecosystem is managed in an ecologically sustainable manner and its indigenous biodiversity effectively conserved through holistic, innovative and balanced resource management.

Culture: Our world and Wolwedans is enriched by cultural diversity. Celebrating commonality nurtures understanding. Respecting differences is crucial to our future.